Monday, January 19, 2009

Slumgod Pauper

What is the big deal when a book or flick gets acclaimed whenever it portrays the shortcomings (or things which takes time to change) of a developing nation.

Yes!! Mumbai has its own drawbacks. What big deal??? If a person like G.R.Khairnar can handle and make a mark in a city like Mumbai, he can administrate the whole of Europe single handedly. Yes we know, we are changing, and yes it takes its own time and space. Unlike any other nation, we are unique with a thousand languages and its dialects and almost same number of castes and sub-castes with all other religions of the world. What a 'Fine blend of spirituality!!!'. A 'Fine spirutual blend' and 'Pace' will not get along well. So yes, it is not that easy to sprint like Usain Bolt, considering all these facts.

If observed, we can notice, the western big brothers of any global award jury always fails to appreciate any piece of art that shows the changing face of a developing nation and instead wishes to see the ‘struggling’ there and lauds it with all the laurels. On top of that, there may be still a few members who believes what is shown in these movies are the ‘only' real pictures of that country. When will 'They' Change or for that matter 'We'?

Note: KUDOS to A.R.Rahman for his amazing achievement. Lets wish him all the best and hope he scales even higher peaks in years to come. He is a real talent who sprang up when the movie industry in general and music industry in particular was so competitive here down south. He rocked and broke many conventions and was truly a trend setter. The best part of him was his boldness to introduce new comers. Till then, the producers and music directors always relied on S.P Balasubramaniam and K.J Yesudas as if there were no singers around. Well! this honor does not mean he is the greatest musician India ever produced. We have thousands of yesteryear greats who went unnoticed due to various reasons.