Monday, March 16, 2009

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Determination, thy name is Jessica Cox!!!

By now most of us have heard of this wonder-girl, but still, without writing a word or two about her would be unfair on my part to my blog write-ups.

Meet 25-year-old Jessica Cox a graduate from the University of Arizona, USA who has proven anything is possible with hard work, focus and a gritty mind-set.

Jessica was born without arms and doctors had no clue on the exact reason for she born that way. And so from her childhood, legs are her 'hands'. Like any other kid, she was aggressive and enthusiastic in many activities though she did it all with legs, that others did with hands. Be it swimming, dancing, gymnastics or outdoor sports. She always showed an aversion towards prosthetic devices even at the early stage. And here come another shocker; she earned a black belt at the age of 14 from the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation. And now you can imagine what all she can do with legs with the easiness of hands. Writing 25 wpm while taking down notes at college, using computers at ease, putting contact lenses, brushing hair, washing and what not.

Till the age of 25, three years ago, she had never traveled in an aircraft, leave alone thinking of flying one. And it was a historical meeting when Robin Stoddard, Executive Director and founder of a non-profit organization called Wright Flight Inc, happened to meet her and asked if she is interested in flying an aircraft. She obediently replied that the only thing she is scared of, is flying. Robin explained to her about his senior, a strong-minded Fighter Pilot who lost both his legs in an accident and was confined to wheel chair, but still fly planes !!! Jessica got inspired and thought of breaking the jinx and she rewrote history by flying one on that destined day, 10th of Oct 2008 and she did it in style. . Remarkable!!!

A great lesson to learn from this gorgeous, indomitable girl. She was always ‘used to’ carry out and achieve whatever she Aspired. Let us, the so called 'physically fits' be 'awake' and expect many more wonders from her in future.

God Bless !!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Own Culture..

India always showed an openness to embrace and extract the good from anything and everything. How can we recognize an act, which is against 'Our' culture? And how we define 'Our' culture, which is a culmination of many, put together. We have a track record of combining civilizations, voluntarily or forcibly, right from the days of Aryan invasion, centuries ago. Then we came across various unfamiliar kingdoms, both good and evil, which attacked and ruled us for centuries. A ‘Holy Fusion’ of various thoughts and practices altogether. This doesn't mean it is the weakness of India as a nation, but it is the broadness and our nature of warmness to our 'Uninvited Guests' which ultimately ended up in this present unique form.

A nation, where Mahatma Gandhi lived and showed the world the importance of high thinking and simple living ; a nation that gave birth to Swami Vivekananda, who with his adept oration and discourses, changed the way the world look at Indian Monks ; a nation with thousands of other leads like Subash Chandra Bose, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, B.R. Ambedkar, C.V Raman, Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen, E.M.S Namboodiripad, K Kamaraj, Baba Amte, Homi Bhabha and A.P.J Abdul Kalam to name a very few from the never ending list.

How can we forget the epitome of righteousness, Sri Adi Shankara, who truly was a ‘Revolutionary’ in terms of his vision on caste and creed? The one who revived and purified Hinduism with his philosophies and condemned the wrong practices existed in those days (Though there are still many, who failed to understand him and stick to 'Unnecessary Practices’).

The Essence and Strength of our nation or cultural heritage is our Vibrant and Receptive nature and let’s be proud of that. No nation has a culture/history/tradition as Unique or Diversified as ours. Jai Hind!!!

Note: The world has seen last year an ‘Indian’ woman Space Walk. Sad that a few of us bother when women Pub Walk...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Slumgod Pauper

What is the big deal when a book or flick gets acclaimed whenever it portrays the shortcomings (or things which takes time to change) of a developing nation.

Yes!! Mumbai has its own drawbacks. What big deal??? If a person like G.R.Khairnar can handle and make a mark in a city like Mumbai, he can administrate the whole of Europe single handedly. Yes we know, we are changing, and yes it takes its own time and space. Unlike any other nation, we are unique with a thousand languages and its dialects and almost same number of castes and sub-castes with all other religions of the world. What a 'Fine blend of spirituality!!!'. A 'Fine spirutual blend' and 'Pace' will not get along well. So yes, it is not that easy to sprint like Usain Bolt, considering all these facts.

If observed, we can notice, the western big brothers of any global award jury always fails to appreciate any piece of art that shows the changing face of a developing nation and instead wishes to see the ‘struggling’ there and lauds it with all the laurels. On top of that, there may be still a few members who believes what is shown in these movies are the ‘only' real pictures of that country. When will 'They' Change or for that matter 'We'?

Note: KUDOS to A.R.Rahman for his amazing achievement. Lets wish him all the best and hope he scales even higher peaks in years to come. He is a real talent who sprang up when the movie industry in general and music industry in particular was so competitive here down south. He rocked and broke many conventions and was truly a trend setter. The best part of him was his boldness to introduce new comers. Till then, the producers and music directors always relied on S.P Balasubramaniam and K.J Yesudas as if there were no singers around. Well! this honor does not mean he is the greatest musician India ever produced. We have thousands of yesteryear greats who went unnoticed due to various reasons.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Real Culprits Still At Large!!!

The Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvis, the Maulana Masood Azhars, the Hafiz Muhammad Saeeds and Dawood Ibrahims who mislead the youth in the name of religion is even worse than any epidemic. They are the real culprits and a real danger for entire mankind who creates havoc all over the world. They don’t have any specific agenda except destruction and they don’t deserve any pardon and should be brought to book and be given the highest punishment possible.

War against Pakistan as a retaliation does not serve the purpose, since Pakistan too face the same problem. But then again, there is enough evidence that there are many blacksheeps within their administrative corridor.

At the same time, here in India, no terrorist activities can succeed without support from within. Many ‘behind the scene’ supporters live here as 'Indians' though their loyalty stretches towards neighboring nations. These are the real infidels and not the one who cross the borders. These men are always a pain and bane for the true Indian practicing muslim brothers. A clear example, is that a few days ago, we have seen a few 'spirited' men even tried to hoist Pakistani flag in Bijapur. Unless our system monitors and identifies such elements, the whole preparation for fighting terror will end up in vain. Before destroying the terror camps of LOC, let’s start cleaning our own backyard. Until we trace and fight our own fundametalists, waging war against Pakistan or any nation would be a meaningless and futile exercise.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother Of All Changes

The Republican Party nominated
John McCain,
from Arizona as its nominee.

The Democratic Party nominated
Barack Obama,
from Illinois, as its nominee.

Barack Obama's epic win has shown the world the new face of US and the way the new generation of US thinks. Obama's win is not just vote bank politics (read race), its more about the failure of ill-fated policies of Bush and his misuse of funds excessively on army. But yes, the thumbing victory shows the charismatic leader in him, who can take US to a more peaceful and admirable heights where equality finds new definition.

The largest pool of votes Obama gained is from new generation voters. 66% of 18-29 age group youngsters had no second thoughts while electing their president and 69% of first time voters backed Obama. One in five of all first time voters were black.

And something to cherish for Indians -(No good news about outsourcing, but slightly different)
"Barack Obama, who scripted history on Wednesday by getting elected as the first black President of the United States, has always seen Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration who reminds him about the "real message of life". Obama also flaunts his love to the apostle of peace by having a portrait of Mahatma at his Senate Office".

The way US look at the world is going to change or not, but for sure, the way the world look at US is here to change. The youth of US seems more liberal open minded than their elders - 'YES THEY CAN'

Hope this 'Change' will bring more Peace and Tranquility to a relatively 'less racist' nation, though she denies and escapes this ‘racist’ tag claim, cleverly all the time. While she boasted about her achievements in space research, putting a man on the face of moon, as early as 60’s, down here on earth’s face, in Georgian hills and elsewhere, the ‘colored’ kept running for life from 'The Bikers'.

She never failed to show her smiling face to the world as if she is way ahead of all other nations. Yes!! She is and she was always, in terms of her advanced technology and wealth. But she pumped all her wealth and resources primarily on military and allied activities, when a sect of her own children, were facing the heat of discrimination in the name of ‘Color’. Existence of a ‘restless cult’ in a developed nation is no way good in the long run, however wealthy she is. The dawn of a new era has come to ‘change’ the face. 'YES THEY CAN'

On the other hand, a considerable number of lower/middle class ‘Million Dollar’ babies too struggle to make their ends meet in the midst of abundance. This is yet another economically backward group of whites that leads the life of a 'malnourished kid of a wealthy man'.

And with a few media big shots in her kitty, she painted and showcased herself to the world, as a nation Sweet and ‘Colorful’. Anyway Tuesday, Nov-4 2008 is a milestone in American Politics and - 'YES THEY CAN'.

Note: Being said all this, its still uncertain, what Obama has in store for India. The track record is that, the ‘Bushes’ and ‘Canes’ were always friendly to us. “You can put lipstick on a pig (read American), but it's still a pig". "It dont matter if youre black or white".

God Bless America
God Bless The World