Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Real Culprits Still At Large!!!

The Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvis, the Maulana Masood Azhars, the Hafiz Muhammad Saeeds and Dawood Ibrahims who mislead the youth in the name of religion is even worse than any epidemic. They are the real culprits and a real danger for entire mankind who creates havoc all over the world. They don’t have any specific agenda except destruction and they don’t deserve any pardon and should be brought to book and be given the highest punishment possible.

War against Pakistan as a retaliation does not serve the purpose, since Pakistan too face the same problem. But then again, there is enough evidence that there are many blacksheeps within their administrative corridor.

At the same time, here in India, no terrorist activities can succeed without support from within. Many ‘behind the scene’ supporters live here as 'Indians' though their loyalty stretches towards neighboring nations. These are the real infidels and not the one who cross the borders. These men are always a pain and bane for the true Indian practicing muslim brothers. A clear example, is that a few days ago, we have seen a few 'spirited' men even tried to hoist Pakistani flag in Bijapur. Unless our system monitors and identifies such elements, the whole preparation for fighting terror will end up in vain. Before destroying the terror camps of LOC, let’s start cleaning our own backyard. Until we trace and fight our own fundametalists, waging war against Pakistan or any nation would be a meaningless and futile exercise.


Prakash said...

helo narayana. this is too un realistic things. please come to the age of present terrrorism. dont think in the way our politicians do.. they are all above 50 we cant blame them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Narayanan,

Well placed intentions indeed. Lets clean-up our backyard....

Lets understand why there is such dissent amongst our own brethern...

Where is equal opportunity? Where is afforable access to basic education, clean water, dependable infrastructure?

How come we have more temples than schools or urinals?

Fix the basics, the rest will fix time....of course.

Dont stop with a rant....start with what you can do to make ONE LIFE BETTER....leave the rest to others who not just feel but ACT.