Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mother Of All Changes

The Republican Party nominated
John McCain,
from Arizona as its nominee.

The Democratic Party nominated
Barack Obama,
from Illinois, as its nominee.

Barack Obama's epic win has shown the world the new face of US and the way the new generation of US thinks. Obama's win is not just vote bank politics (read race), its more about the failure of ill-fated policies of Bush and his misuse of funds excessively on army. But yes, the thumbing victory shows the charismatic leader in him, who can take US to a more peaceful and admirable heights where equality finds new definition.

The largest pool of votes Obama gained is from new generation voters. 66% of 18-29 age group youngsters had no second thoughts while electing their president and 69% of first time voters backed Obama. One in five of all first time voters were black.

And something to cherish for Indians -(No good news about outsourcing, but slightly different)
"Barack Obama, who scripted history on Wednesday by getting elected as the first black President of the United States, has always seen Mahatma Gandhi as an inspiration who reminds him about the "real message of life". Obama also flaunts his love to the apostle of peace by having a portrait of Mahatma at his Senate Office".

The way US look at the world is going to change or not, but for sure, the way the world look at US is here to change. The youth of US seems more liberal open minded than their elders - 'YES THEY CAN'

Hope this 'Change' will bring more Peace and Tranquility to a relatively 'less racist' nation, though she denies and escapes this ‘racist’ tag claim, cleverly all the time. While she boasted about her achievements in space research, putting a man on the face of moon, as early as 60’s, down here on earth’s face, in Georgian hills and elsewhere, the ‘colored’ kept running for life from 'The Bikers'.

She never failed to show her smiling face to the world as if she is way ahead of all other nations. Yes!! She is and she was always, in terms of her advanced technology and wealth. But she pumped all her wealth and resources primarily on military and allied activities, when a sect of her own children, were facing the heat of discrimination in the name of ‘Color’. Existence of a ‘restless cult’ in a developed nation is no way good in the long run, however wealthy she is. The dawn of a new era has come to ‘change’ the face. 'YES THEY CAN'

On the other hand, a considerable number of lower/middle class ‘Million Dollar’ babies too struggle to make their ends meet in the midst of abundance. This is yet another economically backward group of whites that leads the life of a 'malnourished kid of a wealthy man'.

And with a few media big shots in her kitty, she painted and showcased herself to the world, as a nation Sweet and ‘Colorful’. Anyway Tuesday, Nov-4 2008 is a milestone in American Politics and - 'YES THEY CAN'.

Note: Being said all this, its still uncertain, what Obama has in store for India. The track record is that, the ‘Bushes’ and ‘Canes’ were always friendly to us. “You can put lipstick on a pig (read American), but it's still a pig". "It dont matter if youre black or white".

God Bless America
God Bless The World


Rajeesh said...

hey narayan,it is a very good article and i am prasing youre effort to write this article in such a way.

Bhushan said...

Grt doing bro!!!!!!

I like the way you present .Keep the spirit up and hope to see your post regularly.

Its very much interested to see how the market will behave in Q109.
This will really impact our future in near terms.

satya said...

a vey nice effort Narayan...

sankar said...

fentastic effort, keep going kutty.

Manish said...

Very nice a very good effort, Keep it on.

Sri said...

Gr8 effort bro!! u presented it in a nice way..expectin more n more postings frm u...keep up d gud wrk..

Sabu Mangalasserril said...

well said Dear... it is an Americanised world.. their hegemony is here to last and we the soft state should learn a lesson or two from them.

The arrogance and the dominance , the fearlessness and gumption when it comes to decision making,(right or wrong to others is immaterial) is something which the weaklings that rule India's tragedy should learn from. You said it right.. white or black an American is an American !!!

Xpecting more...

Anonymous said...

Very good blog narayanan. Keep it up. All the best. Dinesh

Anonymous said...

Narayana, very good effort....keep up the good work. Just to add another dimention to your optimism is the Islamic background of Obama. Trust this would have a positive impact on the policy making machinery of America, if so then I am sure it would make this world, once again a better place to live in!!
Mahesh, Kollam

Narayanan Hariharan said...

Hi Thank you all guys for your valid inputs and responses.

Thomas said...

A nice piece of write up....a completely different side to the Narayan that I knew...great going and keep your blog updated and u r sure to get noticed...

darsden said...

WE have lost our.. WE THE PEOPLE focus. Obama is has ruined America!!!

He speaks with a fork tongue...!
He is NOT who he claims to be.

Nara you pointed out some very valid points.

But, I will add... WE always Show up with Help and Aide...Always!

Not always on our own soil... but we show up everywhere else!